Chances Of Neill Blomkamp Directing ALIEN 5 Downgraded To ‘Slim’

A not-so-shocking turn of events.

In a recent exchange on Twitter, CHAPPiE director Neill Blomkamp says that the chances of him actually getting to make his long-rumored Alien 5 (the one which would've brought back Ripley, Newt and Michael Biehn's Corporal Hicks) have been downgraded to "slim."

Here's the actual exchange, preserved for posterity in screencap form:

If you've been paying attention, this is not a shocking turn of events. The project's been on and off for the past few years, with everyone involved sounding really excited about the film but no one having any firm information on when it might, y'know, actually get made. Last we heard, the entire thing had been put on hold while Ridley Scott wrapped production on two Prometheus sequels (the first of which, Alien: Covenant, arrives in May), which would've meant Blomkamp's Alien 5 might not go into production until ... well, who knows? The whole thing felt, and continues to feel, tenuous at best.

So now Blomkamp himself is saying the chances are slim. You can interpret that any way you'd like (cue "So you're saying there's a chance" gifs in the comments), but I'm personally choosing to interpret that as the almost-final nail in Alien 5's coffin/hibernation chamber. 

What do you guys think? Are we ever gonna see Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5, or do you think this project's been covertly nuked from orbit? Sound off below.