GREEN ROOM Director Will HOLD THE DARK For Netflix

Jeremy Saulnier’s filmography continues to evolve nicely, this time with a thriller set in the Alaskan wilderness.

Netflix is not fucking around, guys. Its slate of original films thus far has been eclectic for sure, but with films like Duncan Jones’ Mute, David Ayer’s Bright and Bong Joon-Ho’s Okja on the way, the company is stepping up its game in a big way.

That momentum shows no signs of slowing: Netflix is teaming with Green Room director Jeremy Saulnier on an adaptation of William Giraldi’s 2014 novel Hold The Dark, and shooting will commence in Canada (subbing for the Alaskan wilderness) on February 27th. The story, recounted by Deadline last year when this was announced as an A24 project, is thematically pretty in line with (and a nice progression of) Saulnier’s body of work:

The story revolves around a child taken from his village by a pack of wolves and an expert hunter is called in to track them down and kill them. He finds himself confronting not only the cruelty of Mother nature but also his own failings. As the child’s grief-crazed father follows behind him, it becomes unclear who is really being hunted.

I missed too many big releases to do a top ten list this year, but had I done one Green Room would have most certainly been on it. Saulnier’s creative partner (and Blue Ruin star) Macon Blair is on scripting duties, and we’re incredibly excited to see what this team has in store for us.