Oh Boy, This Trailer For THE ASSIGNMENT Sure Is Something

Just think of the articles that will come out after this one.

If I told you there was a movie coming out in which Michelle Rodriguez was playing a hit man looking for revenge after receiving an involuntary male-to-female sex change operation, you would probably think I was fucking with you. Well, here is proof I am not fucking with you:

Yes indeed. The Assignment is a real movie, one helmed by legendary director Walter Hill no less. And it’s probably going to get people a little heated. It also doesn’t help that this particular trailer doesn’t look very good.

But I love that this exists, and I’m going to see the shit out of it. How could I refuse a film where Michelle Rodriguez is on a mission to off the person who took her penis, all while having sex with her old girlfriends? I can’t! I just don’t have it in me.

Everyone else, on the other hand, may feel differently.