We’re Getting An Entire Line Of TWIN PEAKS Funko Pops

Damn fine collectibles.

Unless I'm mistaken, everyone on the Birth.Movies.Death. staff is a collector of some sort, and most of us - at one time or another - have dabbled in the collection of Funko Pops, the big-headed plastic pop-culture figures which now outnumber the human population of the world.

That said, I expect we'll all be going after the company's newest line of figures, which are based on David Lynch's Twin Peaks. The gang's all here, up to and including a plastic-wrapped Laura Palmer (!!!). Check 'em out:

The entire lineup was just revealed on the Funko Pop blog as part of the London Toy Fair, and while we don't have a release date on these (do Funko Pops even get a release date? Or do they just pop up on Amazon until they sell out? We don't know how this stuff works, please send help), we're very eager to get our hands on 'em. Look at that adorable little B.O.B.! 

In addition to the Funko Pops above, the company has also announced a line of 3 3/4" Twin Peaks action figures:

Oh, come on. Even if you're not a toy collector, you gotta admit: every home or office would be immediately improved by a 3 3/4" Log Lady action figure. She's gotta come with a Log, right? 

Anyway, all of these will be rolling out via Funko in 2017. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for 'em.