New ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Could Be Structured Around Another Crazy, Bad Idea

Eye-roll City on this one.

Last year I got all caught up rewatching Arrested Development, and in a state of naive comic bliss, I decided to give the fourth season a second chance as well. Despite some high points, it was somehow even worse than I remembered. It’s not just bad, aspects of it are actually depressing.

So I’m not super excited about the ever-hypothetical fifth season the Arrested Development camp keeps talking about. Especially when the idea behind it sounds like what I’m about to describe.

According to TV Line, an idea for how to do the next season of Arrested Development is to focus on flashbacks. There have always been flashbacks but this is a bit different, as the flashback element (with a full cast of different actors) would take up as much as half the season.

This would be helpful from a production standpoint, as the main barrier to getting more Arrested Developing is gathering its cast. And we’ve seen flashbacks before. In both good seasons (J. Walter Weatherman!) and the bad one (hello, Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen). But a whole half-season of flashbacks is not something that inspires confidence.

It’s pessimistic of me, but my hope is they eventually forgo the idea of doing a fifth season at all. There’s too much going against its potential quality, and I’d rather not sit through another experience like season four. What do you guys think?