The Birth.Movies.Death. Alternate Oscars: Best Score And Song

Give some love to the films Oscar forgot.

Welcome to the Birth.Movies.Death. Alternate Oscars, in which we, the BMD staff, pick alternate award nominees from films snubbed by the Oscars, and you, the readers, choose the winners. 2016 was full of strong films, many of which have been honoured by the official Oscar nominations, but many of which went unheralded. This is our chance - and your chance - to give credit where credit’s due.

We’re unbound by Academy rules, regulations and tastes, so this is an opportunity for our favourites to get a shout-out. Arrival’s score doesn’t meet the Academy’s standards for originality? Fuck you, it’s great. High Rise’s “S.O.S.” was just a cover? Fuck you, it’s great. All of these nominees are great; it's up to you to choose the greatest.

Each week, we’ll announce a new set of nominees while revealing the winners from the previous week, and you can vote on your favourites right here. In the proud new American tradition, your votes won’t give any reward other than a pat on the back, but hey - it’s an opportunity to give at least some recognition to the films Oscar deems unworthy.

Let's kick off the BMD Alternate Oscars!

Thanks for voting! Also - comment below on what you liked, you’d like to see in the upcoming categories, and what you feel even we left out of contention.