Alec Baldwin To Host SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE February 11

All Trump, all the time.

We didn’t see Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump on last week’s Saturday Night Live, but they’re fixing that big time by letting him host an entire show February 11. It would really be something if he hosted the whole show as Donald Trump re-doing his 2015 episode. But this is SNL. That shit isn’t happening.

Still, it’s a bigger deal than just a hosting announcement. This will be Baldwin’s 17th time hosting the show, which makes him the current record holder, finally getting him ahead of Steve Martin and Steven Seagal. I expect cameos galore.

Judging solely by how many times he’s come back, not to mention the fact that he’s on the show pretty much every week already, it should be obvious that Baldwin knows what he’s doing at SNL. That doesn’t guarantee a great episode by any means, but we are at least dealing with a pro.