Bryan Singer Will Direct Fox’s New Marvel Mutant TV Pilot

This was probably inevitable.

Just this morning we learned that Fox had ordered up a brand-new Marvel mutant series from Burn Notice creator Matt Nix. At the time, we joked that Fox should just quit effing around and make an X-Men series, and that Bryan Singer could even be brought on to direct the pilot if that kept everyone happy.

Our aim was off, but - according to a new report at THR - we were close:

"Fox is turning to an X-Men expert to helm its Matt Nix drama.

The network has tapped Bryan Singer to helm the untitled Marvel drama, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. In addition, Singer will executive produce the potential series — which would mark the first live-action X-Men entry on broadcast."

I'm honestly a little confused about the wording here: earlier today, this project didn't sound like an overtly X-Men-centric series, but rather something loosely-related through its mutant characters. Perhaps the link isn't as tenuous as we thought it was. 

Whatever the case may be, it's hard to get excited about this news in the wake of Singer's X-Men: Apocalypse, which is in the running for the least enjoyable X-movie ever made (yes, I am aware of Brett Ratner's X-Men 3: The Last Stand).

Oh, well.

As of now, there's no word on when Untitled Possibly X-Men-Related Marvel Mutant Fox TV Series Pilot might start shooting, but we'll let you know the next time there's an update. 

(Header Photo used with permission via Flickr)