Fox Just Ordered An Untitled Marvel Mutant TV Pilot

It's not quite an X-MEN show.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Fox just ordered up a pilot for a brand-new, mutant-centric Marvel TV series from Burn Notice creator Matt Nix. The show doesn't have a name yet, but we do know what it'll be about:

"(The show) will focus on two parents who discover their children are mutants. In order to escape the government and survive, the family joins an underground network of mutant fugitives."

So, not an X-Men series, in other words, but something in that vein: you've got some mutants, you've got a government interested in keeping 'em down. I guess I can see how this would work as a long-running TV series, but good lord does that sound like about nineteen other things we've already seen. 

Honestly, one wonders why 20th Century Fox isn't just pulling the trigger on an X-Men series. Let Bryan Singer direct the pilot, if that helps smooth things over.

Anyway, this is only a pilot order, not a series order, so there's no guarantee this thing will ever go to air (unlike Marvel's other mutant-centric TV series, Legion, which is definitely hitting FX on February 3rd). We'll keep our ear to the ground, though, and keep you informed as the updates roll in.