NBC Orders Pilot For A Gender-Swapped WHAT ABOUT BOB? Series

Baby steps to cancellation.

Here are the facts as I understand them: NBC has ordered a pilot for a gender-swapped What About Bob? series, to be --  

(Everyone, please. Calm down. Let me finish.)

The gender-swapped What About Bob? series will be called What About Barb? and -- 

(Guys, please stop shouting. Let me get through this.)

What About Barb?, like the 1991 Frank Oz film that inspired it, will revolve around "a psychotherapist who tries to cut ties with her most overbearing patient but is unsuccessful and gains an annoying family member in the process."

The pilot will be a single-camera comedy, is set to be written by Joe Port and Joe Wiseman (The Odd Couple, The Crazy Ones), and is the third comedy pilot ordered by NBC this season (following a family comedy from the makers of Fresh Off The Boat and a workplace comedy from Seth Meyers).

OK. There. That's it.

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