ALPHA KING: Three Floyds’ Blood & Beer-Soaked Alternate Dimension!

Comic and beer fans unite.

Three Floyds Brewing has been the beer geek’s beer geeks since 1996, producing, time and time again, stand-out delectable beers that are coveted around the world. Their demonic Dark Lord Russian imperial Stout is one of the most well-known from their head crushing portfolio. It features coffee, Mexican vanilla, Indian sugar and clocks in with a crazy high ABV. Dark Lord draws crowds in the thousands to camp out in Munster, Indiana for a chance to score a bottle on release day.

The brewery’s “not-normal” slogan rings true in their brews and packaging alike, so why not carry that train of thought through to its logical conclusion and release a Dungeons and Dragons-tastic comic?!

The Alpha King comic comes from the presumably semi-tipsy brains of Nick Floyd (one of three, natch), comic book royals Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets, Wonder Woman) , Simon Bisley (ABC Warriors, Lobo), Ryan Brown (creator of April O'Neil!), and Jared K. Fletcher (logo design for every series you love) to make an ambitious brewery mythology like none other – one with bloody mega-swords and veiny, 9-pack beer guts.

The Image Comics series tells the totally relatable tale of an everyman home-brewer that develops a beer so extraordinary that it angers the atrocious Rice King, who then whisks him to an alternate garbage-soaked Tolkien dimension full of bloody eyeballs, heavy-metal t-shirt power violence and inky beer nerd inside-baseball references. YEAH!

The immense post-apocalyptic universe features a whole cast of Three Floyds references including bizarre nods to their American Pale Ale, Space Station Middle Finger, their She Wolf IPA and of course, all three Floyds make appearances amongst the swole barbarians and filthy, freaky beasties! The series has drugs and curse words and warthogs and devil horns and fire and mullets and bar fights and nipples and winged skulls with beers in them. WHEW! This is a badass book y’all.

When it comes to merch, breweries for the most part are all set with their pint glass, t-shirt and bike jersey game. No one else has their own dark, twisted, epic fantasy comic by the same folks who publish The Walking Dead! Now, that’s innovation!

Beer bottle release day crowds are a lot like comic-cons with their fervent fandom but typically have a lot less cosplay. Maybe Alpha King can change all that.

There are three issues of Alpha King out already to pick up online or at your trusted comic dealer, and issue #4 comes out February 22nd. Only 5 are currently set to be released as part of this mini-series, but who knows… It could go on forever! There’s an awful lot to explore in a drunken, hedonistic alternate dimension, you know.

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