Netflix Gets EGGPLANT EMOJI, Produced by Ben Stiller, WORKAHOLIC Creators

Wait, wait. Don’t go until you’ve read the premise.

Netflix just won a bidding war for a spec script called Eggplant Emoji, written by Gentlemen Lobster creators Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider. The film will be produced by Ben Stiller and Workaholics creators Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, Kyle Newacheck and Anders Holm.

But that’s not why they bought it. And that’s not why a bunch of other studios wanted to buy it. I think the real draw was the film’s premise.

So here it is. The story is about a dude who accidentally cuts off his penis and the grand journey he and his pals go on as they rush him to the hospital so he can get one of those sew-on jobs. Humans are beautiful.

The intent here is to make a fun R-rated bro comedy. I can see why people saw dollar signs. I also wonder if they’ll keep the title, since it makes the film sound like something just South of a kids movie.