THE FLASH Movie Gets A Page-One Rewrite

Say goodbye to that 2018 release.

After Phil Lord & Chris Miller moved on from the project, both Seth Graham-Smith and Rick Famuyiwa came and went as directors of The Flash. That’s a whole lot of creative confusion for a character they’re mostly nailing on TV, and it seems WB has finally admitted it has a problem on its hands. With no way of making its March 2018 release date, they’ve decided on a total rewrite as their lead actor preps to shoot the Fantastic Beasts sequel.

Per Variety:

While “The Flash” waits to find its new director, Warner Bros. has tapped Joby Harold to do a page-one rewrite to the script, sources tell Variety.

The pic has been on hold since losing director Rick Famuyiwa and while it waits to find his replacement, the studio has decided to take script in different direction.

WB had no comment.

There were conflicting accounts as to who wanted what out of this project. Somebody involved wanted it to be “darker and edgier,” and oddly enough, that somebody doesn’t seem to have been WB. That said, nobody really knows what this movie is going to be moving forward (nobody meaning us fans and reporters; one would hope DC Films has an idea), so maybe Joby Harold of Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of The Sword will be one to break the curse.

The Flash currently has no new director and no new release date. The character, who appeared in both Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman, will next be seen in Zack Snyder's Justice League this November.