Nicolas Cage Attended This Year’s C4GED Marathon At The Alamo Drafthouse

In which minds were blown in Austin.

Every year, Alamo Drafthouse programmer Greg MacLennan puts together a Nicolas Cage movie marathon here in Austin. Known as CAGED, the event involves the screening of five Nicolas Cage movies (attendees never know which Nicolas Cage movies will screen, which is part of the fun), and every year there exists the hope that Cage himself might show up in person to help celebrate the festivities.

It took a few years, but the inevitable finally occurred: Nicolas Cage himself showed up for C4GED.

That's Cage himself discussing his presence at C4GED, along with an impromptu reading of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" (!!!), which Cage delivered shortly after blowing everyone's minds by strolling into the theater during Greg's introduction. To say the audience went bananas doesn't quite cover it.

As it turned out, the Oscar-winning actor also had a hand in planning C4GED: Cage himself programmed each of the five movies that screened yesterday, and ... well, he came up with one helluva lineup (he also stuck around and watched all five movies with the audience).

Here they are, in the order in which they screened:

  • Bangkok Dangerous
  • Joe
  • Bringing Out The Dead
  • Army Of One
  • Lord Of War

Here's a few more photos from the event, for your viewing pleasure:

Here's the moment where Cage stood witness to a very special C4GED marriage proposal. These two lovebirds are never gonna forget that moment.

By all accounts, C4GED was a massive, thrilling success, and we at Birth.Movies.Death. are beyond proud and happy for our boy Greg, who's been busting his ass for years to make this thing happen. What a victory. What a coup! What a brain-meltingly awesome time for all in attendance. The Alamo Drafthouse has played host to some truly legendary events over the years, but this one has to rank among the very best. 

Says Greg: "This is and will always be the greatest day of my life, I apologize to my unborn future child."

Were you at C4GED yesterday? We wanna hear about it! Sound off in the comments below if so. Everyone else can use the same space to commiserate with one another about not being there.

(all photos courtsey Heather Kennedy)