Peter Capaldi Is About To Bid DOCTOR WHO Adieu

Moffat's not the only person leaving after this year's party.

While I like Peter Capaldi and have some fondness for Doctor Who in general, I am ashamed to admit I never found much time for Capaldi's run as the Doctor. I watched his first two episodes and then bowed out. It's not as though I didn't enjoy his take. I just didn't find anything to latch onto in a "can't miss" way.

And now it appears he's leaving the show after a three-year run, matching previous Doctor Matt Smith's three series. He announced this impending departure today on BBC Radio 2, and if you're so inclined, you can listen to the brief clip here.

Series 10 will also mark the end of the Doctor Who line for Steven Moffat, either the joy or bane of Doctor Who fans' existences depending on how they feel about his reign. I kind of liked him, but I'm not a big enough fan to really have much of a say. Go ahead and don't listen to this butthead.

But no one can argue this will be a very exciting time of change for the show. New head honcho AND new Doctor all at once? Series 11 is going to be closely monitored, that much seems certain.

And of course, this also means wild fan speculation regarding who should play the next Doctor. Will they finally get their shit together and have a female Doc? My fingers are super crossed that they do.