The Final BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Trailer Is Here

I don't see King Kong anywhere.

Hello! I am the grumpy goose who thinks Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast movie looks bad. I know you are not with me. Even my BMD pals think this is going to be good. But I stand firm. Like Yates, I have to call 'em like I see 'em, and in this case I see a CG beast that looks several passes away from being fully cooked and a remake of a movie I never had much love for in the first place.

But don't listen to me! I'm the grump! For all those who are already in the bag for this, the following trailer has even more for you to adore:

This has everything! Lots of shots of the Beast and his pals, a wonderful crescendo of sight and sound near the end, 2/3 of the plot told in two minutes and as a bonus: a part where Belle kisses a teacup and he farts in appreciation.

But you're on your own from now on. There won't be another of these until the biggest trailer of all: the whole movie, March 17. Be there! So you can tell me what it was like!