Antoine Fuqua Backs The Fuqua Out Of SCARFACE Remake

He’s going to make the greatest movie ever, instead.

Look, I’m not going to sit here and tell you an Antoine Fuqua-directed Scarface remake centered on an Mexican immigrant in Los Angeles isn’t something I would want to see. I would without a doubt see the heck out of that.

But if I had to choose between Fuqua doing a Scarface remake or a sequel to his amazing The Equalizer, I know where my heart goes.

And I’m not the only one. According to Variety, Antoine Fuqua has stepped away from Scarface in order to jump straight into preproduction on a new Equalizer movie. Apparently, Denzil Washington wants to get that shit going now, and Fuqua can’t do both at the same time. Obviously, the guy who made Training Day knows better than to argue with Denzel.

I apologize if this news bums you out, but this is a great thing from where I’m sitting. If you haven’t seen The Equalizer yet, a quick viewing might help you understand my elation. It’s like Old Man John Wick, and there’s no way I’d trade that for another rags to riches to coffin gangster story.