HARD POWDER: The Name Of Liam Neeson’s New Liam Neeson Movie

Yes, the plot involves actual snow.

I am a fan of Liam Neeson’s goofy action movies, even when most of them fail to impress me. It’s all about the build up. He’s going to be a badass on a plane in a movie called Non-Stop? He’s going to be a badass on a train in The Commuter? He’s going to be a badass who runs all night in a movie called Run All Night? Sign me up! I don’t care how good the movie is or isn’t.

And here we are again with another dose. This time it’s for a movie called Hard Powder. It turns out this powder has nothing to do with yayo or llello or however you spell it. Nope. It refers to snow. Why? Because this time Neeson is playing a SNOWPLOW DRIVER YOU DO NOT WANT TO FUCK WITH.

I’m not kidding. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hard Powder is about “an upright snowplow driver whose son is murdered by a Colorado drug kingpin.”

It’s funny in the context of Liam Neeson, less so when you realize it’s a remake of the beloved Norwegian film In Order of Disappearance, which suddenly raises its genuine value a bit (particularly since the original's director, Hans Petter Moland, is directing). But still. These are hard times. Get your laughs where you can. This will still be a full-on Liam Neeson movie. You can tell because the director's first name is Hans.