JAWBONE Trailer Puts Another Boxing Movie On Your Radar

This cast looks great.

Boxing movies come and go with surprising frequency. Recently we’ve had not only Creed but also that one with Jake Gyllenhaal. And then there was that one with Miles Teller. I think they were both called Mr. Boxer.

Now here’s another. It’s called Jawbone, and it both stars and was written by a guy named Johnny Harris. That’s fine and all, but it also stars Ray Winstone, Ian McShane, and Michael Smiley:

Now, I can only understand about half of what they are saying in that trailer, but I like those actors and I tend to like boxing movies, so I’m paying attention to this. From what I can tell, the plot is pretty typical to the subgenre, but that’s not such a bad thing with the subgenre is up your alley. If you’re not predisposed to boxing movies, or a card-carrying member of the Michael Smiley fan club, this might not do much for you.