Colin Farrell May Go To The INNER CITY With Denzel Washington

Folks, it's the new movie from NIGHTCRAWLER's Dan Gilroy. Get hyped.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Colin Farrell is in talks to join Denzel Washington in Dan Gilroy's Inner City. If that sentence didn't make you burst into a sweat, it's probably because you've forgotten that Dan Gilroy is the dude who wrote and directed 2015's Nightcrawler.

Here's how THR's describing the film:

The script, which Gilroy also wrote, centers on an awkward, reclusive lawyer, to be played by Washington, who has worked as a legal researcher in Los Angeles for decades. When his mentor passes away, he is recruited by a prestigious and more cutthroat law firm where he stumbles upon a case that changes his entire life.

Farrell will play the slick, money-focused lawyer who recruits the researcher to his firm

Pardon my French, but the only appropriate response to this news is a resounding "Fuck Yes".

Farrell's been on fire over the last few years (if you haven't seen him in last year's The Lobster, you are seriously missing out), and Denzel Washington is - as you know - Denzel Washington, the closest thing acting has to an infallible Pope. Combined with Gilroy, whose Nightcrawler remains one of the best films of the past decade, there's every reason to believe we've got a powerhouse in the works.

Shooting will commence on Inner City about halfway through March. Further details are unknown at this time, but you can bet your sweet candy ass we'll be keeping a close eye on this one's progress. Please pass the time until our next update posting your favorite Nightcrawler gifs to the comments section below.