Diego Luna To Play The New SCARFACE

What a pretty face to scar up!

Recently, when news broke out that Antoine Fuqua would no longer be directing the new Scarface movie (and why that is actually a good thing, since he’s dropping out to direct The Equalizer 2), I overlooked the news that Scarface himself had been cast: Diego Luna, Jabba the Hutt’s biggest fan.

This is an interesting bit of casting, as I’m not sure I buy Luna as this kind of rise and fall gangster type. He’s a cutie pie. We got to see him act all psycho and tough in Blood Father, and it didn’t do much for me.

Maybe I’m alone in this, however. Or maybe my view on Luna has been forever corrupted by that video of him talking about touching Jabba the Hutt. If so, it was worth it.

What do you guys think? Does Luna have what it takes to be cinema’s latest Scarface?