It’s Official: Denis Villeneuve Will Direct DUNE For Legendary Pictures

A best-case scenario if there ever was one.

Late last night, Brian Herbert (son of Dune author Frank Herbert) went on Twitter and made it official: Denis Villeneuve will direct a new adaptation of the Dune series for Legendary Pictures.

Here's the exact Tweet:

We'd been hearing this might be the case for some time now, but this is our first official confirmation that Villeneuve has committed to the project. As we speak, the director (nominated for an Oscar this year for his work on Arrival) is currently finishing up Blade Runner 2049, which is still on target to arrive this October. Villeneuve directing Dune is great news, for both fans of Herbert's original source material and fans of Villeneuve. This is an excellent pairing.

Meanwhile, I'm somewhat curious about the wording in Herbert's Tweet, specifically the phrase "the exciting new DUNE series film project". A while back we heard that Legendary wanted to launch a new franchise based around Herbert's novels (there was even a suggestion that there might be a new TV series to go along with it), so does this mean that Villeneuve's going to direct more than one? I don't think that's a safe bet at the moment - for any number of reasons - but I'll be interested to get some clarification on that end of things.

What do you guys think? You excited for this or what?