Turn Anne Hathaway Into A Dancing Kaiju With This COLOSSAL Slider

Finally, a dancing Anne Hathaway Kaiju of your very own.

Nacho Vigalondo's Colossal stomps into theaters on April 7th (pssst: you can see it way earlier if you're going to SXSW this year), and the Birth.Movies.Death. team - all of whom caught the film at Fantastic Fest last year - are very excited for you guys to see it. This is Nacho's funniest, most accessible movie, and we think it's gonna play well to this crowd.

But let's say you're still not clear on the premise: "Anne Hathaway plays an alcoholic ... who is also somehow a Kaiju in South Korea?"

Well, yeah, kind of. Colossal's premise is a little more complicated than that, but learning how it all works is one of the film's greatest pleasures. We don't wanna rob you of that, so if that's how you want to think of the film, so be it.

And if you're still somehow unclear, this recently-released widget can help. Slide that little thingamabob back and forth to transform a possibly-inebriated Anne Hathaway into a city-stomping Kaiju. Yes, it happens in the movie, and yes, it's as weird as it sounds.

Not sure what else to say here, folks. You're either onboard with this lunacy or you're not (note: you should be onboard with this lunacy).

Colossal opens nationwide on April 7th. Trust us when we say you should be looking forward to it.