Arnold Schwarzenegger To Trump: “Let’s Switch Jobs”

Noted immigrant announces intention to steal President's job.

In a new video posted to Twitter, former California Governor (and current Celebrity Apprentice host) Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed an intriguing deal for President Donald Trump: a good ol'-fashioned job swap. 

The video seems to be in response to Trump's recent appearance at the National Prayer Breakfast, where the President took the time to whinge about The Celebrity Apprentice's ratings (as you know, if there's a time and place to bitch about a reality show's ratings, it's at the National Prayer Breakfast) while addressing a roomful of actual adults.

Though he stepped down as host of that NBC reality series, Trump remains an executive producer on the show, a fact which has not prevented him from openly shit-talking The Celebrity Apprentice's ratings over the past few weeks. Judging by the video above, Schwarzenegger got tired of hearing it.

Will the President take Schwarzenegger up on his offer? It's hard to say. On the one hand, that would involve stepping down from his new role as the most powerful man in the world. On the other hand, the President clearly enjoys being a TV personality more than he enjoys being an actual politician. Guess we'll have to wait for the inevitable Tweet storm to find out where his head's at on this one.

What do you guys think? If we could wave a magic wand and make it happen, would you be into a Schwarzenegger presidency? Not so much? Sound off in the comments below.