“Punch-A-Nazi!!” With This New Game From Super Deluxe

Spencer, Yiannopoulos, even big daddy H!

Is it okay to punch Nazis? That’s a complicated question* that folks have been debating ever since Alt-Right founder and Pepe enthusiast Richard Spencer got cold-cocked on Inauguration Day, and now even more so since Leslie Jones-harasser and inspiration for Jared Leto’s Joker Milo Yiannopoulos had to cancel his event at UC Berkeley. But regardless of your views on the use of violence to suppress genocidal rhetoric (or debates about campus riots to prevent this from happening again), you can’t deny that it’d make a pretty fun video game.

Punch-A-Nazi!! is a combination smartphone-desktop site that allows you to use your mobile device like a Wii remote and punch Nazis on your computer screen. Even if you feel sorry for Macklemore cosplayer Spencer and don’t think the racist, transphobic, misogynistic Breitbart scribe Yiannopolous deserve the Neo Nazi label because he’s gay, dates black guys and might be one quarter Jewish (it’s admittedly a term that gets thrown around a lot), you get to punch their extremely punchable digital faces in order to get to Adolf Hitler, provided you can time your jabs right. And if you think this paragraph got a little too “SJW,” then you might enjoy missing a couple of blows so the wonderful trio can call you exactly that, amongst a host of other Trumpster classics like “Cuck.”

If nothing else, the technology is at least pretty cool! You might be familiar with Super Deluxe as the host of the Vic Berger current events remixes that kept some of us alive during the election, perhaps this one in particular:

This is exactly the kind of game you’d expect them to make if you’re familiar with their video output, and while I doubt you’ll be able to play it more than twice and score anything above or below 365, it’s a fun little experiment that’ll probably annoy the right people. Enjoy!

*It’s not actually that complicated. Punching Nazis is extremely good.