LIFE Gets Both A Super Bowl Spot And A Full Trailer

A double dose of scary sci-fi starring big name actors.

Life comes at you fast:

Oh shit! Life’s coming at you fast again!

Above you have two trailers for Life, a scary sci-fi movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson. This isn’t a movie I knew much about going into these, but I am super sold now. I love that what would normally be on that b-level has some real big name actors and a what I assume to be a generous budget. But instead of pulling at them heartstrings like Arrival, this one’s like “let’s have everyone screaming and also a flamethrower.”

Both trailers are fine, but I think I prefer the Super Bowl spot, if only because it gets right to the good stuff without all the JFK grandstanding. What do you guys think? Am I giving this one too much benefit of doubt? Are you going to be able to take Ryan Reynolds seriously in this?