Buy This THEY LIVE Tribute Shirt And Help The ACLU

Join the Resistance and look baller. Win-win.

UPDATE: You lunatics bought up our entire supply of shirts in under an hour. We are SOLD OUT. You guys are the best.


A couple of years ago my friend Gabe Powers and I had a dream: to design and produce a line of limited, clever, legally non-actionable film tribute T-shirts. Gabe came up with some great designs that homaged some of our favorite films and filmmakers. Life got in the way and our big plans were (temporarily?) sidelined, but we did manage to get one design out the door: a run of super-soft black t-shirts sporting a design that not-so-gently evoked John Carpenter’s They Live.

If you know the film you get the design. A kind of secret handshake out in the wild to let others who knew know that you knew. Y'know? The fans who got their hands on one of these shirts were extremely pleased. And as you can see below, even the two stars of the film (RIP, Roddy) liked the shirt.

(As far as we are aware, Julian Sands has no opinion on the shirt.)

We didn’t get rich or anything, but that’s life - you try stuff out, chase that dream, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take and whatnot. Anyway, it was a fun venture and it left us with a couple dozen of these shirts. This week, Gabe had the great idea to offer up the remaining stock and pledge his half of the proceeds to the ACLU. I wasn’t about to let Gabe make me look like a greedy asshole, so here’s the deal: buy one of these shirts, and 100% of the sales will go to the ACLU.

It's a pretty solid proposition: Gabe and I will get the satisfaction of supporting a great, incredibly important cause, and you’ll get that same feeling, plus the uneasy knowledge that comes with knowing that an apocalyptic sci-fi movie from the 80s is now pretty much non-fiction. 

Get yours here