Pause The Super Bowl: The STRANGER THINGS Season 2 Trailer Is Here

Things are gonna get turned Upside Down.

Late last week, our first look at Stranger Things season two arrived in the form of an Entertainment Weekly photo showing our boys Dustin, Mike and Lucas dressed up as Ghostbusters (we're assuming the image comes from a Halloween-themed episode - an assumption that feels particularly safe after watching the video below - but we'd also be fine if this is just the crew's general look going forward). 

Now we've got our first look at footage from Stranger Things S2, thanks to a teaser that just ran during the Super Bowl.

Whoa. Whoa whoa whoa. Whoa. WHOA. Holy shit. Whoa. 

I'm well aware that the Birth.Movies.Death. readership remains divided on Stranger Things, but - speaking as a BMD staff member who enjoyed the show's first season - I'm here to tell you I do not care. This looks awesome (that gigantic-ass monster in the sky, tho) and I am there for it on day one. If it ain't your thing, well, that's just more Stranger Things for the rest of us, isn't it?

Stranger Things S2 arrives this Halloween. Get hyped.