The TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT Extended Super Bowl Trailer Is Here

Here’s an additional 30 seconds of the new TRANSFORMERS.

It’s been strange trying to cover all these Super Bowl trailers on the lead up to the actual game. For instance, they already released a Transformers: The Last Knight Super Bowl commercial. Except it wasn’t the actual commercial. It was like half of the real deal.

I guess they wanted to save the rest for the game. Except that’s not what happened either because the full ad is out right now, hours before the game begins.

Why? Well, hackers, of course:

There isn’t a whole lot of amazing new stuff here. Then again, we’re talking Transformers, so amazing stuff would be in short supply even if this were three hours long. But if you’re super into seeing bits of this film early, this might be your huckleberry.