What, You Thought A CURE FOR WELLNESS Wouldn’t Get A Super Bowl Teaser?

Well, if nothing else the movie LOOKS great.

Here's the Super Bowl teaser for Gore Verbinski's A Cure For Wellness, which arrives in theaters next Friday.

See what you think. 

Much like John Wick 2, A Cure For Wellness is a movie I caught last week that I'm embargoed from saying too much about. I guess what I can say is that this trailer certainly sells how gorgeous the movie looks, how creepy its location is, and ... well, I was going to say "and how weird things get in Verbinski's new film", but honestly: this trailer doesn't even begin to scratch the surface on that front. Forecast calls for a 75% chance of Hot Takes™.

A Cure For Wellness opens on February 17th. You guys excited for this one or nah? Follow-up question: what's your favorite Verbinski joint? I'm sticking with Mouse Hunt or Rango, but I still think the original Pirates is pretty strong (PS: would give up vital parts of my anatomy to see what this dude would've done with Bioshock).