Marvel’s IRON FIST Gets A Familiar Trailer

Maybe the superhero bubble will burst after all.

Some people like the Marvel Netflix shows. Some people don’t. As a fan of Jessica Jones but little else I’m somewhere in between, and while I’m excited to see the street-level team up The Defenders later this year, I don’t think I can really be bothered with this Iron Fist show. Who knows, maybe you might like it!

Here’s a glimpse to give you a better idea:

...that's bascially Arrow?

No, really. That’s what Arrow is all about. Rich white kid gets stranded, is presumed dead, his dad dies and he trains in martial arts before returning home to run his family company and rid his city of corruption while wearing a lazy green outfit meant to pass for his comicbook look until they give him an upgrade. What the hell?

Okay, maybe I’m being too hard on Iron Fist. The story has its origins in the comics, and it’s also different from Arrow in a couple of ways. One, Oliver Queen’s mother is still alive when he returns, whereas Danny Rand’s dies in addition to his dad. Two, Oliver kills evil henchmen, Danny just maims dutiful security guards on his own payroll. Three, Oliver shoots people with a bow & arrow, whereas Danny’s fist is a lightbulb.

Maybe this’ll turn out to be good. Arrow certainly did, after… five seasons. At least all the trailers for the other Netflix shows were exciting begin with! This one doesn’t seem to stand out in any way. It really does feel like Arrow by way of Daredevil, which was already Matt Murdock by way of Arrow in the first place. You even get a glimpse at Madame Gao standing behind who I assume is the season’s big-bad, David Wenham doing his best Cornell Stokes, blood splatter and all, and another cameo by Rosario Dawson. I really can’t tell what’s new about this other than the glowing fist!

Honestly, I can’t even be mad at the continued trope of white dudes being centered in distinctly Asian stories because this just looks uninteresting to begin with. At least Doctor Strange had the whole mirror dimension thing going for it. Sorry. I hope it's good! 

Iron Fist hits Netflix on March 17th. It will also be thirteen episodes long.