The Birth.Movies.Death. Alternate Oscars: Actors & Actresses

Alternate Oscar season continues with some of our favourite performances of the year.

Welcome to the Birth.Movies.Death. Alternate Oscars, in which we, the BMD staff, pick alternate award nominees from films and individuals snubbed by the Oscars, and you, the readers, choose the winners. We’re not limited by Academy rules, regulations and tastes, so this is an opportunity for our favourites to get a shout-out. Our nominees are made up of the BMD team's personal picks, so you'll probably note some omissions and surprises. But tough shit: they're our nominees. You just get to vote on them.

Each week, we’ll announce a new set of nominees while revealing the winners from the previous week, and you can vote on your favourites right here. First, congratulations to the winners of last week's "craft" categories:

Alternate Best Editing: High-Rise, Amy Jump & Ben Wheatley

Alternate Best Cinematography: The Neon Demon, Natasha Braier

Alternate Best Costume Design: Hail Caesar, Mary Zophres

Alternate Best Production Design: The Witch, Craig Lathrop

Alternate Best Makeup & Hair: The Neon Demon, Erin Ayanian & Shandra Page

Alternate Best Sound: Green Room

Alternate Best Visual Effects: Arrival

Now - we're really excited about this week's nominees, so let's talk about acting. 

Thanks for voting, y'all! Post praise for your favourites below, let us know what you’d like to see next week (when we'll be looking at screenplays and directors), and rail against the injustices you feel we wrought on the world.