Barbara Crampton Wants To Call You To Talk Horror

The actress is raising money for Planned Parenthood with some cool signed memorabilia and a phone call to a fan.

Full disclosure: Barbara Crampton is a dear friend of (and contributor to) Birth.Movies.Death. Fuller disclosure: every one of us at BMD are lifelong fans of this icon. Why wouldn't we be? Ms. Crampton has navigated a career as both a horror actress (do NOT call her a scream queen, fam) and a non-horror actress (what’s good, Young & The Restless fans), and she's recently added producing to her CV, with Road Games and Beyond The Gates. She’s also managed to raise a family while doing all that. She’s pretty much our hero.

So we’re delighted to help promote this charity drawing that Ms. Crampton is supporting. The TL;DR version: Donate five bucks, support Planned Parenthood, get a chance to win a signed mask from You’re Next as well as, in our opinion, the real prize: a ten-minute phone call with the lady herself, where you can talk all things horror. It’s a fun contest for a very important cause, and we hope readers will jump on this opportunity.

For those who need refreshing, below are the You're Next masks. (Above is Barabra Crampton; we assume you know what your phone looks like.)

Below are the details; enter the drawing here. Good luck!

Legendary horror actress, Barbara Crampton, will be donating a personalized signed mask from the horror film YOU'RE NEXT to help raise money for Planned Parenthood!  In conjunction with this, the winner will also receive a 10 minute phone call with the accomplished actress to talk all things horror!  We are beyond thrilled with Ms. Crampton's involvement and her dedication  in helping to raise awareness for such an incredible cause.  

For a $5 donation, your name will automatically be entered into the drawing to win both the personalized signed mask and a 10 minute phone call with Barbara Crampton.  If you can, please donate and share and help Nightmarish Conjurings in supporting Planned Parenthood!