You’re Gonna Want To See The Posters Mondo Is Dropping Today

GREEN ROOM and BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA are coming any minute now.

Mondo must think we all live in art galleries or something, with voluminous wall space that just never fills up. Someone should tell them it’s not like that. For most of us, there’s a very finite amount of space suitable for the brand of dopeness Mondo drops on the regular. Because even if you’ve got the wall space, it doesn't mean you can cover said space with movie art. Sometimes you’ve got to literally read the room and recognize that no, it’s probably not a good idea to hang that amazing American Werewolf In London print over your bed. You’re MARRIED, for Christ’s sake.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah - Mondo. New posters, fam! And they’re going to make you upset about that aforementioned finite wall space. You might not even want to look.

You're gonna look, though.

First up is Oliver Barrett’s devastatingly beautiful Green Room print.

Green Room by Oliver Barrett

 24"x18" Screen Print / $45 Edition of 175

Hand-Numbered / Printed by D&L Screenprinting

Green Room (Flyer Variant) by Oliver Barrett

 24"x18" Screen Print / $55 Edition of 100

Hand-Numbered / Printed by D&L Screenprinting

"The poster is a wink toward the film’s unapologetically smart and brutal display of good vs. evil in a punk rock war of attrition. Nazi punks, fuck off." - Oliver Barrett

Here’s what Mondo has to say about this piece:

Green Room was, without a doubt, one of our collective favorite movies to come out last year. Jeremy Saulnier's brutal film tells the story of The Ain't Rights, a young punk band who must fight for their lives as they find themselves playing a club that turns out to be a hornets’ nest of neo-Nazi skinheads. It's an amazingly raw and true gut punch of a film that should be seen by any and all genre/horror fans. Oliver Barrett stepped up to the plate and delivered a brilliantly simple and striking image that is both a testament to the film's savagery as well as its punk rock roots.

Hard to argue with that! Fan reaction to this one has been very strong. Maybe the best Green Room poster yet?

Mondo is also dropping this great Big Trouble In Little China poster, by the talented Sam Bosma.

Big Trouble in Little China by Sam Bosma

24"x36" Screen Print / $45 Edition of 275

Hand-Numbered / Printed by D&L Screenprinting

Putting the nefarious Lo Pan front and center, this poster is a must for the John Carpenter fan in your life.

Mondo is dropping these prints for sale on their site today. Any second. Keep an eye on their Twitter feed for the announcement, and good luck.