The Coen Brothers To Help An Ailing SCARFACE Remake

Say hello to my critically adored little friends.

Things have been up and down recently for Hollywood’s latest Scarface remake. The film got a star in Rogue One’s Diego Luna, but at the same time lost director Antoine Fuqua to the irresistible behemoth that is The Equalizer 2. Who can blame him?

So what the film needs is a good win to balance the books. And according to Variety, it just got one. Apparently, Joel and Ethan Coen have signed up to give the screenplay a polish. Understand, they are not writing a new screenplay, nor are they likely to direct the film. But it will have some of their charm, similar to what they added to Unbroken and Bridge of Spies.

The chances that this ends up being the one element that decides whether this is a good or bad movie are pretty slim. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting, and unexpected, bit of good news for a project that could use some right now.