Jeremy Saulnier’s HOLD THE DARK Gets A Cast

Any team up between Jeffrey Wright and the director of GREEN ROOM has to be good.

We are all very excited about the news that Jeremy Saulnier already has his next film lined up, and at Netflix no less. The film is called Hold the Dark and it is an adaptation of William Giraldi’s novel, which is about this:

The story revolves around a child taken from his village by a pack of wolves and an expert hunter is called in to track them down and kill them. He finds himself confronting not only the cruelty of Mother nature but also his own failings. As the child’s grief-crazed father follows behind him, it becomes unclear who is really being hunted.

You had me at “pack of wolves”.

Not only does the film already sound great, but it now has the beginnings of a great cast. According to The Playlist, Jeffrey Wright, Riley Keough, Alexander Skarsgard, and James Badge Dale have joined the film. All those people are fine, but it’s Jeffrey Wright who has me most excited. He’s incredible even in awful films. Who knows what Jeremy Saulnier will get from him.

We’ll keep eyes on this project, as it’s one we’re all looking forward to with great enthusiasm.