Neon’s THE BAD BATCH Trailer Is All About That Keanu Mustache

Just look at it.

Some folks who saw John Wick: Chapter 2 this weekend not only watched a seriously, massively, insanely kick-ass action film but got to see the following trailer for Ana Lily Amirpour’s seriously, massively, insanely weird The Bad Batch as well. Those folks may have thought they were pretty cool, but today the internet catches up with them:

That is a good trailer. It gets across the film’s bizarre vibes without telling you much about what actually happens. In other words, it does a nice job of raising interest and awareness while keeping its cards close to the chest.

Oh, and it also features a generous amount of Keanu Reeves. While he’s certainly not the star of the film, he comes pretty darn close to walking away with it.