You Can Now Hear A Song From The DARK TOWER Trailer On Spotify

Does this mean a trailer's imminent? Probably.

So, there I am, just minding my own business, living in a world where we still don't have a trailer for The Dark Tower despite being only five months away from the film hitting theaters, when the following Tweet pops up in my mentions:

Well. This called for an investigation.

And wouldn't you know it, our eagle-eyed friend Steven is correct: there's now a cover of The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes" indexed on Spotify, accompanied by a little piece of promo artwork noting that the cover (from L'Orchestra Cinematique) comes from "The Dark Tower Movie Trailer".

A little further digging revealed that the song's also available for purchase over on Amazon, for the low, low price of just $.89. I've linked to it below, in case you don't have Spotify and wanna shell out just-under-a-dollar to hear it.

On the one hand, this is all kind of exciting: the promo artwork seems to confirm that a Dark Tower trailer is imminent, which is good news for everyone who's spent the last few months wondering when the hell we might actually get to see one. On the other hand, this is the same song that was attached to the Dark Tower trailer that leaked a few months ago, and ... well, the effects were unfinished and the video was grainy, but even still: that wasn't the most encouraging trailer.

But we remain hopeful! When Sony pushed The Dark Tower back to July, it bought everyone involved a full six months to tinker with the film, to run test screenings (which, by the way, I know have been taking place; no comment on the response they've generated), to hone Nikolaj Arcel's film into something truly befitting Stephen King's greatest masterwork. Has that time been used wisely? We'll find out soon enough, but we're definitely keeping our fingers crossed.

As for the trailer: my guess is it'll arrive either Friday (the 17th, or 2 + 17 = 19) or on Sunday (the 19th), but of course I don't have that confirmed. Give the song a whirl while you're waiting on the next update, and keep hope alive, folks: The Dark Tower is almost here!