So BATMAN And JOHN WICK Walk Into The Same Movie Theater…

The padcast is back!

We’re back! How could we resist a weekend that saw the release of not only John Wick: Chapter 2 but also the great LEGO Batman Movie? We can’t! And we didn’t.

As you can probably understand, Phil and I spend most of our time on that Wick tip, though we both definitely come out with nice things to say about Batman. It’s just that Wick… I mean, it’s John Wick. LEGO Batman is great, but not THAT great.

We also spend a bit of time talking about my new cat Elvis, and since much of that discussion revolves around his strange physical appearance hard-won by a life of street fighting, I thought it was only fair to share what the beautiful guy looks like. I also, to be frank, really enjoy posting pictures of him:

What can I say? He’s fabulous.

Despite it only being February, things are starting to ramp up in the movie world, so hopefully we don’t have such a long break between now and the next episode. In the meantime, thanks for listening!