LOGAN Gets A Beautiful New IMAX Poster

This is a great poster.

Logan got a brand-new IMAX poster this morning, and it's a doozy. Look:

20th Century Fox has really rolled out the red carpet for Logan, haven't they? An endless supply of stills, numerous trailers, multiple posters ... they are really determined to sell this thing. And y'know what? I think they've done a damn good job. Speaking as someone who's never truly enjoyed one of the standalone Wolverine movies (yes, even the one that everyone else seems to like), I could not be more excited about Logan.

So, mission: accomplished, Fox. All you gotta worry about now is making sure the movie matches the quality of its marketing, which - if early reports are to be believed, and I think they are - you may already have in the bag.

We're there for Logan when it opens on March 3rd. How about you guys?