Rejoice: Mondo’s Finally Releasing An ARRIVAL Poster

In which Kevin Tong takes on Denis Villeneuve.

Ever since Denis Villeneuve's Arrival landed in theaters, screenprint enthusiasts have been clamoring for Mondo to give us an Arrival poster. Well, guess what, my fellow poster nerds? Today's your lucky day.

Arrival by Kevin Tong
24″x36″ / 12-color Screenprint
$60 Regular Edition of 325

Arrival by Kevin Tong
24″x36″ / 12-color Screenprint
$80 Variant Edition of 150

Conceptually-speaking, this is about as strong an Arrival poster as you could ask for; I'm loving what Tong's done here. He's captured the emotion of the film, the otherworldliness of the production design ... he's even nailed the crux of the film's plot without spelling anything out for us. I'm impressed. How 'bout you guys?

For those of you who're interested, be aware that both of Tong's Arrival prints will hit the Mondo website this Thursday (that's the day after tomorrow, February 16th) at a random time. As always, once they're available it will be up to you to get in, get out, and get a purchase confirmation before the rest of us can. Yes, it's a mad dash, but - speaking as a longtime poster collector - there's something to be said for the thrill of the hunt. Ya win some, ya lose some, but that only makes the rare victories all the sweeter.

Good luck out there, folks.