TALENT Becomes The Latest Comic Book To Get Its Own Movie

From a producer of the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise, no less.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fast And The Furious franchise producer Neal Moritz has officially stepped up to turn Boom! Studios' comic series Talent into movie (yes, Talent was previously set up at Universal, but THR says Moritz and company are starting from the ground up on their adaptation). 

Here's some information on Talent, if you're unfamiliar:

The comic tells of a college professor who is the sole survivor of a plane wreck and who slowly discovers he's inherited the abilities of the passengers who've died. He puts his new talents to use as he finds himself chased down by members of a shadowy cabal.

That's a pretty good setup, I guess! I guess part of the fun here is discovering what kind of powers the other people on the plane had, yeah? Like, maybe one passenger was a super badass fighter, while another was very good at sewing, and another was ridiculously good at repairing bicycles. 

I'm also guessing Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski (who created Talent alongside artist Paul Azaceta) probably have better ideas than mine, which is why they're actually writing Talent while I'm just some chump lazily riffing on the news that it's being turned into a movie.

Anyway, no further talent (har!) has been lined up yet, but we'll keep you informed as progress gets made. In the meantime: have any of you guys read Talent? Worth seeking out? Not so much? Let us know in the comments below.