TEAM THOR: PART 2 Is Coming And Here’s Hilarious Proof

“So I am covered in brains, and I have more brains than you.”

Taika Waititi’s involvement in the Marvel Universe indicates that, if nothing else, we’re about to get one of Marvel’s funniest movies yet. Proof of that came almost immediately with last summer’s great Team Thor short, which showed what Thor was up to during the Civil War fiasco - living with his mild-mannered new roommate Darryl. You can watch the whole thing here.

Team Thor is great because it fully understand how and why Thor’s bathos (along with Chris Hemsworth’s performance) makes him the funniest Avenger. So it makes me so happy to share this brief clip from Team Thor: Part 2, which will come along with the Doctor Strange Blu-ray:

It’s just a minute-long conversation, but everything about it is so perfect, particularly that Thor is shirtless while straddling a bicycle. Taika Waititi is a genius who is clearly having fun, and I have a strong feeling Thor: Ragnarok is going to end up a top Marvel film for me.

Speaking of Thor: Ragnarok, here is some concept art for the film that has arrived thanks to Doctor Strange:

I need to see this movie. November 3 can't come soon enough.