This Trailer For FEUD: BETTE AND JOAN Is So Crazy Good

How could you possibly not be already in love with this show?

We’ve all been fooled by amazing trailers for products that end up underwhelming. It happens. Nevertheless, most of us remain susceptible to the charms of an amazing trailer, and this one for FX’s upcoming Feud: Bette and Joan (I’m still not clear on whether we’re supposed to all-caps FEUD or not) offers a perfect example:

That story! The camp! The comedy! That cast! Just on paper, this looks like a slam dunk, but this trailer really goes a long way toward solidifying the greatness of this concept.

Going through and loving The People V OJ Simpson currently (I know, I’m late), gives me a ton of faith that this creative team can pull this amazing story off. I can’t wait to hear everyone freak out about it on Twitter starting March 5, while I wait almost a year for it to hit Netflix!