CHAOS WALKING Script To Get A Rewrite From THE NEWSROOM’s Matthew Lopez

Chaos writing. Sorry.

One of the more curious projects out there now, Chaos Walking has some real potential to be something great. The source material is wonderful, Doug Liman is directing and it’s going to star an almost unbelievable casting duo of Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland. Not only that, but it has a script co-written by Charlie Kaufman.

Or it did. According to The Tracking Board, The Newsroom writer Matthew Lopez has just been hired to rewrite the script originally written by Kaufman and Jamie Linden. Without any inside knowledge of why this has happened, I have to admit it strikes me as kind of a bummer. Not that Matthew Lopez is a bad writer, but rewriting a Charlie Kaufman script feels like a weird move.

The story also comments on the fact that the studio is “actively seeking” someone to direct the sequel, if there is a sequel, and if the very busy Doug Liman chooses not to come back, which is unlikely but not impossible.