Joe Carnahan And Frank Grillo Are Remaking THE RAID, Apparently

We're still trying to wrap our heads around this.

So, here's an interesting thing that just popped up on Twitter:

That appears to be director Joe Carnahan and The Purge MVP Frank Grillo announcing their intention to "reimagine" Gareth Evans' The Raid. I mean, they say as much in the clip. Why such a thing would be announced this way or why anyone would even attempt to reimagine one of the greatest action movies ever made is beyond us, but ... that seems to be what's happening here. 

Because there's little else to go on at the moment, this is all we've got to share. But while we're waiting on something a little more official (a press release, for instance) to arrive, we figured we'd put this in front of you guys and let you sort through your feelings on it in the comments. One suspects The Raid fans will have much to say about this.

UPDATE: Carnahan just posted the following to Twitter:

Remaking, reimagining - whatever you wanna call it, sounds like this is something all involved intend to do. Please sound off with your thoughts on The Raid: Reimagined in the space provided below.