Here Comes RUTHLESS, A “Female JOHN WICK”

Steven Spielberg’s Amblin is getting out in front of a trend.

You know you’ve made it in Hollywood when your movie title becomes part of other projects’ elevator pitches. This was a thing in the late 80s and early ‘90s, with the "Die Hard On A _____ “ subgenre. If we’re doing that again, I suppose we could do a lot worse than a slew of “John Wick, But A ______” movies. John Wick, But A Horse is a movie I would watch. Ditto John Wick, But A Hot Dog Vendor. And John Wick, But An Orangutan is probably box office gold. John Wick, But A VHS Tape would get that retro-obsessed Millennial dollar. So, those are some free ideas for you, Hollywood. You’re welcome.

Anyway, THR reports that Amblin Entertainment is elbowing to the front of that line with Ruthless, described as “a female John Wick” by studio execs whose eyes actually turned into dollar signs mid-sentence. Brad Peyton (San Andreas) will direct the story of a female assassin with terminal brain cancer who takes - all together now - one last job, to provide for her young daughter after she dies.

I’m into this. Lady assassin, hopefully someone over 40? Into that. The idea of a terminally ill killer? Into that. (Was that Saw? I always thought a terminally ill vigilante would make for a great comic book story/final act of my life.) And I’m definitely into a wave of John Wick rip-offs that will lead to John Wick, But A Doula.