Universal Picks Up Michael Peña’s Alien Invasion Thriller, EXTINCTION

Co-written by ARRIVAL's Eric Heisserer!

The film blogging world is filled with all kinds of funny coincidences.

You find yourself engaged in a conversation about Star Wars toys, and minutes later Force Friday II gets announced. Or maybe you're arguing with a colleague about whether Hacksaw Ridge was worth a damn, and then, boom, Warner Bros. suddenly wants Mel Gibson to direct Suicide Squad 2. Or like just now: one minute I'm watching President Trump casually discuss nuclear holocaust during a completely unhinged press conference, and now I'm gonna sit here and write up some news about a Universal movie called Extinction.

LMAO! What a neat job!

Anyhoo, Extinction is a new alien invasion thriller starring Michael Peña and co-written by Eric Heisserer, the Oscar-nominated scribe behind last year's Arrival screenplay. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it's about "a man who has a recurring nightmare of losing his family. When the planet is invaded by an alien force, the man discovers an unknown strength as he fights for his family's survival." So, that's pretty cool!

Y'know what's not cool, though, guys? The creeping sensation that none of this matters and that we are all well and truly fucked, that there's nothing any of us can do and that these frivolous entertainments are warmed-over comfort food at best and self-inflicted distractions at worst. Y'know, existential dread! The kind I imagine Michael Peña's character will be dealing with in Universal's Extinction, which does not have a start date but should begin filming sometime after the release of Dax Shepard's CHIPS, also starring Michael Peña.

Stay tuned for further updates on Extinction as they become available.