CASTLE ROCK Trailer Will Knock Every Stephen King Fan’s Socks Off

Holy shit.

Sometimes the best idea in the world is just in front of your nose and it takes someone else grabbing it to know it was even there. This is one of those ideas:

I don’t know any more than you do about that video. It’s a teaser from Bad Robot for a Hulu show called Castle Rock that looks like it’s going to Marvel Universe the world of Stephen King, which was kind of already Marvel Universed to begin with.

It almost makes you feel stupid for not seeing this coming. While the cinematic King renaissance we’re about to get looks like it might crash and burn before it even gets a chance to get off the ground, TV is a whole different thing. Think about how much Stranger Things owes to King. Then think of all the wacky shit that could happen when Annie Wilkes meets up with Pennywise, or Andy Dufresne does taxes for that Needful Things guy. This shit is going to be irresistible, even if it sucks.

So look forward to more news on this as it comes. Between Meredith, myself and Wampler, I doubt much will get through the cracks with this thing.