New COLOSSAL Trailer Is The Best One Yet

Nacho Vigolando's latest is stomping towards us.

Nacho Vigolando's Colossal arrives on April 7th, and between now and then you're probably going to have the opportunity to read a bunch of reviews, see a bunch of trailers, and see a lot of folks openly yammering about the film on Twitter. 

As such, my advice to you is this: watch the new trailer below, buy a ticket to see the film (if you live near a Drafthouse, you can do that here) and then do everything in your power to stay unspoiled between now and Colossal's arrival. Like every Vigolando joint, this one has some tricks up its sleeve, and ... well, trust me when I say you'd probably rather experience them in a theater than via someone's Twitter feed. 

The trailer below is virtually spoiler-free, though, so click with confidence.

I saw Colossal again just last week, and I'm impressed how well this trailer sells Colossal's hook (and without tipping its hand too much). Not the easiest concept to convey in a brief trailer! Well done, folks-at-NEON. 

Colossal opens April 7th. Drafthouse tickets to the film can and should be purchased here.